Monday, June 25, 2012

John Delaney - my cameo role in his downfall

And so to Euro 2012 - plenty of heroes and villains again and we first of all look at one of the villains, John Delaney and we examine my peripheral part in his downfall.

For many years I've defended the FAI on a number of occasions but on in matters relating to Poland they got it wrong on a few counts.  Close to my heart was the debacle on ticket allocation, add to that the spectacular mistake on choice of hotel, but worst of all by a long way was the behaviour of the Chief Executive of the FAI while in Poland.  The weekend's papers highlight what many of us saw at first hand.

Of course he's entitled to have a drink with friends, but climbing up on bar counters and being virtually unable to stand or communicate in front of hundreds or media-obsessed supporters is hardly the behaviour of a man entrusted with governing a body which provides leisure pursuits to tens of thousands of youths in our country.  Not to mind whether it's acceptable among adults, said the chameleon, watching his colour move from green to red.

I'm sorry Mr Delaney, despite your pleas of entitlement, you behaved like a prat and it's an awful pity you didn't read one of those leaflets you assisted distribute prior to the event to traveling fans advising them of the need to enjoy drink responsibility.

And so to my nebulous involvement - the clip below shows Mr Delaney having his wig felt by none other than my daughter's boyfriend.  I sincerely hope he cleaned the Brylcream off before he went near my lovely Princess.