Friday, July 31, 2009

Amazing footage

No real connection to any of the four of us (as least I don't think so), but what an amazing piece of footage. The Zapruder film from the Grassy Knoll.

We've got beards

2004 was the year we met ZZ Top on the Friday night and while Gerry, Mike and I tried to audition for a place in the band, Brian tried to convince the budding thespian from Brussels that he was "never gonna be a star" (Kevin Johnson). I can't remember his name (Marcus?) but Tartoof reliably informed us that he was absolutely shite on the boards and certainly not in his league. As can be seen above the information was taken sceptically.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fantasy Football Time Again

OK boys, it's time to get our fantasy football going again - I have renewed the League from last year (four of us) and will send an email to you with the code to enter.

This year the Premiership site is offering a Predict the Score competition also - similar to the one which Brian and I entered last year but you other dummies could not access. I have set-up a league in this as well and you will receive a message from the site inviting you to join.

Last year's results (and first bragging rights) were:

1. Chelski
2. Yido
3. Brusselsblue
4. Mise le Meas

I look forward to duelling with you all again. Let the games commence.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Poetry - The Planter's Daughter by Patrick Kavanagh

When night stirred at sea,
And the fire brought a crowd in
They say that her beauty
Was music in mouth
And few in the candlelight
Thought her too proud,
For the house of the planter
Is known by the trees.

Men that had seen her
Drank deep and were silent,
The women were speaking
Wherever she went - -
As a bell that is rung
Or a wonder told shyly
And O she was the Sunday
In every week.

Gerry - one for you

When winning had value.

Waterford 4 Finn Harps 0

Great result tonight in the driving rain - back into second place. I'm proud of my photo of Cummins wheeling away after goal number 2.

Why did Cusick do it?

You spend 40 years building up friendships which has got you through studying in Blackrock, chamber-maiding in Dusseldorf, pipe-smoking in Donegal, the Law Courts, Belfield Bar, Mount Anville Girls and Uytewaal, hostelling in Kerry, vomiting in urinals and Zilverberg and then one fine November evening a Yank just strolls into town and tries to demolish it all. John B Keane's "The Field" all over again.

But this time not a patch of land but a quiz book - how could we have expected the American to understand what it meant to us - more than life itself as you punched the air because you, and only you, knew that the capital of Mongolia was Ulan Bator. Fuck the rest of them and that put you two ahead.

Mark, when you read this, remember - while we can't forgive you - we will forget. Bunny Carr you'll never be.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Abi Clancy WAG at the Lane

Be prepared for some moondancing at the Lane cos' the octopus has landed.

Monday, July 27, 2009

They need to update this!

Now that Cowan and the rest of his party have fucked up the whole country, not just our EU membership, they desperately need to produce an update of this classic. Of course, some of us are reputed to have voted against Lisbon and it'll be interesting to see how that one goes in a few months time.

"At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid" - Nietzsche.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Theatre of Dreams

Mark Ryan may have been to embarrassed to mention it at his recent 50th birthday bash, but McCooey's front lawn was for some of us the pinnacle of our sporting career. And what's wrong with that I hear you say - dodging ahead of Clifford Nolan and grabbling the frisbee from under Rich Hudson's nose was no mean feat after all.

The rivalry between certain people was intense although Gerry used to take the piss out of Brian by snigggering at his inept jostling and posturing prior to throw in. As they say, he had him in his pocket all the way along.

The Bacek Sisters

Ensure the diaries are blocked out for this year's weekend (or first weekend) as follows:

December 5th & 6th.

Everton v Spurs
Man City v Chelsea
Leeds v Huddersfield

with the return fixtures on 28th Feb / 1st March in London.

Yiddo, yiddo, yiddo ........

Another Spurs legend......

We need to talk about Mike

Frankly, Mike's performance round the dinner table at Goodison was bloody embarassing. Let's face it the scouse lads knew fuck all about Peig Sayers and when the talk moved on to football, they knew appreciably more than him about Leeds United. There's clearly a lot of work to be done Mike and you have to get your knowledge about Leeds United legends a little bit above the team of 72. Get working on it, please because we're fed up carrying you. Learn a little about Arthur Graham and the like.

Don't be pissed off though - at least we didn't mention the debacle in 2003 when you got zonked early and slept through most of the evening ..........
......... of course looking at the company you were keeping it was easy to see why you "nodded off".

Mise le meas.

Do you remember the swine flu?

We're all a bit worried about the swine flu but we so easily forget that it was rampant in London about eight years ago, forcing Brusselsblue to go to bed early while Gerry and I made attempts to liven up the night along the Kings Road. Taking Alan Hudson in tow, and pleading allegiance to Denis Thatcher (what were we thinking about) we stormed the Kings Road Conservative Club and bowled them over with our ultra-right wing and left wing policies (respectively). The Irish doorman (38 years experience) was a bit confused.

Anyhow, above is Bruselsblue taking his medicine, before the game (twice!) and sitting with his buttocks tightly clenched the following day at the Bridge.

There's only one Duncan McKenzie

Boy did we give that boy the day of his life. Not only the t-shirts, but it was also the first time he had met Gerry Coll in person.

Just in case we forget how good this guy was have a look at the clip below. While you guys at Chelsea Leeds and Everton had shorty doing the business, down in North London we had to be content with the brilliant, mercurial Alfie Conn - himself an absolute legend. Anyway, here's Dunc...........