Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Season nearly done

Ok, it’s been a number of weeks since we blogged – things have been busy – but time to catch up on the games highs and lows, passes and fails over the last few weeks.

Lots to choose from:

Low – Tottenham’s Titanic-like fall from grace. We have gone from being a potential Premiership winner to a team that would struggle to survive in the Championship. Seems like Harry needs the adrenaline of a potential period behind bars to enable him to function best as a manager. Although to be fair he hasn’t been helped by the limp performances of some of his so—called superstars.

In summary - clear-out needed, take the money for Bale; let Chelski have Modric and move Harry on to the national old-folks home.

Low – Everton’s inability to beat Liverpool. It’s hard to understand how almost everyone else can beat Liverpool and Everton fail miserably every time it’s important. Their semi-final showing was appalling and then a week later they go and change the course of the title chase by drawing at Old Trafford.

In summary – get the behavioural studies guys in from NASA to try to understand the psychological impact on an Everton player of the words “Liverpool Football Club”.

High – Coventry’s relegation to Division 1. Coventry City is a team I loath and I have been wishing, praying and following their demise since 1987. To see them ignominiously drop into the old Division Three South is a joyous event but sadly one which most football observers outside the immediate area appear to have missed.

In summary – Churchill was right.

Fail – Bale, Young and the new English pretty boys. So sad to see the diving plague creeping into the English game or more correctly put, being adopted by British players. Gareth Bale and Ashley Young spring to mind although there are plenty of others. With both of these players having so much genuine talent, why do they resort to this particular brand off cheating?

In summary – cheat, cheat, cheat.

Fail – Drogba and his time wasting Once again an extremely talented player who fails to know how to behave. Five and a half minutes against Barcelona might have achieved the correct result but the sooner referees learn how to handle this particular brand of cheating the better.

In summary – let PSG come in for him during the summer and let’s watch him kiss the Chelsea badge then. His behaviour is more suited to the Continent.

Fail – The Chelsea fans at Wembley While we can (maybe) excuse them for the anti-Semitic behaviour at the semi-final, it’s hard to understand the mentality of the Chelsea fans who fail to observe the minutes silence before the game for the Hillsborough victims. One has to think that the club does not do enough to eradicate the fringe element that associates itself with the club.

In summary – call on all Chelsea fans in 65 English to write a 200 word essay on the divided loyalties of being associated with these guys and then post the treatise on CD&B. Get your arse on it, Gerry.


Fail – the Celtic fans bliss at the off-field problems at Rangers. Don’t they realise that the victory is entirely pyrrhic and that without at least one decent competitor, their own club / team will also go to shit?

Fail – Mancini at City. The spineless Mise le Meas scarfed look-alike brings back Tevez and tolerates Balotelli for long after it was appropriate. He should have told the board to mind their own business.

Pass – Roberto Martinez – miracle-worker at Wigan and all-round nice guy. Deserves to stay up.