Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fianna Fail zombies

Continuing despair with the ruling party lead me to dig this clip out and post it on churchdoor.

As we slide deeper into the economic mire, and as buffoons like Callely and Dempsey continue to display total disregard for values, ethical behaviour and simple decency, we try to suppress a genuine fear that, when elections come around again, the hard core that they have brain-washed over years and years of careful grooming, will vote them into power again. No I am told by everyone that studies Irish politics closer than I do - but look at the zombies at the 2009 Fianna Fail Ard-Fheis and then convince me nothing is impossible.

Apologies for the poor quality of recording and the audio delay but remember the beauty in this clip is purely visual - right down to the prick who falls off the stage and then re-emerges the wrong way around. He has to be "righted" by a few party colleagues who have noticed he is facing the wrong way. I have to assume he is one of the up and coming leading lights in the party.

And by the way David Davin-Power did get out safely and still works for RTE.