Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gerry we saved you from this

Gerry, you were days away from becoming a serious problem back in 1975 and now looking back I still don't think you realise you owe us big time. We let you get dressed up for the first one or two nights but as soon as we heard the girls making snide comments, we said enough was enough and we decided to persuade you it was "Bye Bye Baby" to the tartan gear. Cruel I know, but necessary if you were to cut the mustard on the dancefloors of Belvedere. Remember it was a jungle out there and while it was hard enough to break into the circle of handbags, it was virtually impossible when you were dressed up like a Scottish prick with trousers that only went to your knees.

I know you've never been able to totally rid your self of your love for Les McKeown and what you do in private is your own business, so, for the next lonely night when the past comes back to haunt you just sit back and relax ...........