Friday, April 5, 2013

Brusselsblue beware - voodoo comes back at you (alternatively titled "How he spent Thursday night")

How to make a Modern Voodoo Doll

Find a full-length photo of the person you're thinking about as you make the doll.

Print the photo on a sheet of photo transfer paper. Make it as large as you can.

Transfer the image onto ironed white fabric.

Cut around the person's shape, leaving space for a seam.

Cut the same shape out of a second piece of fabric.  This will form the back of your doll.

Sew the pieces together.

Turn the doll inside out carefully.

Stuff the doll.

Sew the stuffing hole closed.

Performing Actions on the Doll

Find pins with colored heads.  The color of the pin head represents the impact the pin will have.

Insert the pin in the area you wish to affect.

"Worry" your voodoo doll.   If you haven't used the doll in awhile, you can "reactivate" it by worrying - that is, sewing small items on the fabric, fussing with embellishments, or adding more stitches and ties.


Most voodoo sects emphasize that the actins you use the doll for will come back at you.  Think about it being like tying a rope to yourself and the other person.  Whatever happens to them willl affect you.

Serious genital discomfort?