Friday, November 2, 2012

Are we going up, say are we going up?

I'm in Mise le Meas territory here.

Promotion, relegation, play-offs, final game anticipation, potential demise of our club, nerves and a fear of failure.

Second leg of the play-off decider against Dundalk.  All square after the first leg - away - despite having battered Dundalk mercilessly we ended up at 2-2.  The fear is now that our hopeless home form lets us down and we fall at the final hurdle.

Unthinkable if we lose.  Chairman has already says the club can't financially endure another season outside the top flight so if we lose, it's the Munster Senior League for the Blues and more Friday nights in front of the television for Yiddo.   The plight of the fans of Luton Town, Wrexham, Grimsby Town, etc is becoming more real to us although they did have the Blue Square Premier League to drop into.  Could an English fan ever be really unhappy with the glorious pyramid?

But there's no pyramid in Ireland, only a golden circle, run by the FAI, and making rules for the privileged Dublin clubs at the expense of the rural ones.  What could be more non-sensical than a twelve team Premier Division and a six team First Division?

So ninety minutes (maybe 120) at the RSC and the ghosts of Alfie Hale, Syd Wallace, Johnny Mathews, Tommy Jackson and Tommo there to will us through.  Go for it Blues, there can be no failure.