Friday, June 29, 2012

It's been nice knowing you

Gossip suggests the following sequence:

Harry favourite for the England job, Spurs offer him a three year contract (to protect their interests) and Harry refuses – because it might make it too costly for England to take him.

Hodgson gets England job, Harry walks in to Spurs and says I’ll have that three year contract now, Spurs say no.

Harry walks.

So how do I feel about the departure?

For two years running he allowed the team to blow up in the final run-in and miss their “deserved” CL spot. This year the fault was not in letting Chelsea edge them in Munich but earlier, by allowing the Arse back into third spot, when at one stage we were 11 points clear of them. . Last year a succession of home draws against the W’s (Wolves, West Ham, Wigan) and others dross, meant City pipped us in the final few weeks. So football success or failure? Very debatable.

Harry’s transfer dealings, from a football perspective purely, were also questionable – particularly mid-season when strong reinforcements were needed to consolidate the early season strong performances. This year in January in came the like of Ryan Nelson and Louis Saha and out went Super Pavylchenko. Amid all the “temporary” signings, he failed to adequately address areas of weakness (central defence notably).

Moving away from scrutiny of Redknapp’s tactical acumen, Levy insists on maintaining financial discipline at Tottenham and won’t be bullied in this regard. Maximum wage rates at Tottenham refer. Now ultimately we’re back to the repetitive issue of finances driving football (and Tottenham’s policies are simply the opposite of Man City and Chelsea ) and thus arguably the wrong reason for personnel change, but nevertheless you have to respect Levy’s approach and you also have to admire him standing up to the globally likeable ‘Arry, peoples favourite and all that. At the back of all this, you have to believe that Levy has a plan and knows what he’s doing.

For this reason there’s no despair or depression as Harry leaves, just a wave and a thanks for the memory, and Rosie, dear Rosie, we will all miss you.

Since Harry’s departure then Bale has extended his contract which is extremely positive or alternatively more shrewd financial work by Levy again. The Redknapp team are being cleared out and also some of the squad hangers-on (a la Corluka). Hopefully we’ll get a new boss in soon and we’ll address the signings early this summer rather than in the week before the season starts. And then a season free of bungs, tax cases and dogs pissing in the kit bag.

Roll on the new season.