Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guest piece from The Colonel

Get out if you don't like the rules!

I spluttered my sugar smacks all over my Mac this morning on reading that the begrudgers are turning on his Holiness "Kiss my ring" Cardinal Brady ("blessing on his name"). Give the man a break ! He was there simply taking notes! He was obeying orders! Now we see a bunch of liberal middle class softies (led by the Irish Times which seems incapable of keeping its nose out of other peoples business) crying to high heaven asking for his resignation. Give me and him a break!. What did they expect him to do. Voice his concerns that Smithy still had his fingers and ..whatever... in a child's nether regions.

Did they expect him to question his seniors, ask embarrassing questions , spend time wondering if Smithy was still at large - and still be in the refectory in time for dinner? These people have no idea of the demands made on a young celibate priest. They are quite content to sit in a pew and assume that the young fellow up on the alter reading from a book has nothing better to do then worry about every paedophile priest in the country.

My message to these tight arsed, straight backed trouble makers is very simple - If you don’t like the way that we run the church then get the f**k out of it. And that includes the young fellows who Rip van Winkle like have suddenly woken up and remembered that they were buggered 25 years ago. Did they never read the bible? "Turn the other cheek"

The (disgusted) Colonel