Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Keano, there's only half a Keano ......

After his unbelievable miss against Blackburn on Saturday, the boywonder explained clearly what happened.

'I wish I knew why I missed,' he told his manager, Avram Grant.

The West Ham boss added: 'Football is a game of chances. And then it's a game of using chances. All the season we are not using even 20 per cent of chances. And this is maybe the story of our year. Robbie is not happy. He came here to score. The last three games he had three big chances to score, but I cannot blame him that he doesn't work. I feel sorry for him, but he did everything good. But it doesn't count. He's a good lad. I don't have any intention to kill him.'

You're fuckin right Avram - none more so than the 10/3 miss at the City of Manchester Stadium. Sod your survival chances, that miss screwed up our winning betting streak. And by the way, please stay up cos' otherwise the Crumlin genius will be doing that for our reserves next season.