Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Do is to Dare

Confidence is rising by the day around our exploits in the Champions League and I am now beginning to acquire the self-belief that we could actually win this thing.

This self-belief is based on the fact that we have got this far already, and also by the fact that it a certainty that we won't come up against the likes of Wigan or Stoke in the remaining rounds. Because while Spurs will generally get turned over by hard-working niggly teams like these, we seem to have a growing ability to take on the aristocrats from Europe, and give them a bit of a seeing-to. Playing against quality teams and coaches seem to motivate 'Arry tactically and and the players appear to be eventually getting what they wanted all along - a place on the big stage.

Ok, there's no point in getting carried away with dealing with both the Milan teams (arguably both over the top) but I reckon we could give the great Barce a run for their money if we get them over two legs. Wenger and Arsenal's whinging about the sending-off of Van Persie shields the fact that they were battered comprehensively and let's face it what can you expect when you go out to the Nou Camp and try to defend a slender lead. You certainly won't see the Yids doing that and I'd love to see Lennon and Bale running at the Barce full-backs (do they have any?) in the manner they've done all season.

So bring on the draw and let's see what comes out. To use the quote attributed to Jack Nicklaus:

"Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one's levels of aspiration ... and expectation".