Friday, January 28, 2011

Political party you're havin' a laff

Received this letter in the post today at work. Absolutely brilliant. Efficient as ever getting the begging letters out - love to see the one they sent to the IMF.

I note they are "the only party which is willing to put aside politics as usual and show the people exactly what has to be done to deliver a better future for Ireland." Since bloody when?

Also their grasp of the five times tables is laudable - "For instance, a donation of €1,000 would buy 200 posters, €2,500 would buy 500 election posters or €5,000 would buy 1,000 posters or 50,000 leaflets." Hard to see how these mathematical wizards lost track of about €20 billion a year?

A new dawn beckons. Anything is better than this.