Monday, December 13, 2010

Pub of the Year - 1976 through 1983

Belfield Bar
Bar cards only with Loretto on the door; Mount Anville girls; disco afterwards; lifts home in a Mini.

Pirates Den
A step up from UCD; no questions about age (for except John O'Farrell).

The Rock Inn
A short summer sojourn in 1977; Derek Keogh.

The Merrion Inn
Friday night payday; the Trimleston gang; Iris Grove.

Lincoln's Inn (or just beside it)
Ireland v Belgium away; Bernard Nolan; calling the A40 for a lift home.

Buttery Brasserie
Trinity rugger buggers; breaking glasses; Northern girls and rooms.

Leeson Lounge & OBriens
Office entertainment; default option.

Merrion Row
Rugby nights; Luke Kelly (well not really); abrakebabra; challenging policemen.

Quite private business; Ambie the ignorant tipstaff; too close to home.

Anywhere obvious I've missed?