Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brian Hartnett's Brazil kit

The year 1970 - the World Cup just completed - and Brazil the big thing in everyone's minds. Probably the greatest team that any of us are likely to see, ever.

Rumour went round that there was this guy up in Brewery Road who had the full kit - wore it well into fourth year if I remember correctly - so up we went for a game of two-a-side in his back garden. Going reasonably well - 3.1 up with five mins to go when his mother lets the dog out of the kitchen and hey presto, next thing you're lying on the ground having your bollox sniffed by a beast twice your size. Dust yourself down, throw the dog a bone, and resume with a hop-ball. The composure is gone however and you end up with a disappointing 3 all draw. Crying as you troop home, you can never imagine it happening to Enrico Albertosi and Luigi Riva in the Azteca Stadium in Mexico.

Spot Tammy if you can as you look back at these Brilliant brazilians........