Sunday, August 23, 2009

I like the look of the tables

100% records for Spurs Leeds and Chelsea and 0% for Everton - who would have believed this a few short weeks ago? Have to say I'm a little bit excited about the events round Tottenham way - everyone, literally everyone is getting their nails done in celebration. I take my two sons over this Saturday and if Birmingham come and if they spoil the party, there will be hell to pay. I'll have the West Yorkshire Constabulary in as quick as you can utter "stitch-up".

Can't believe Gerry is getting too excited about nine out of nine but the question has got to be - when will they get a manager who can speak English?

Leeds - still defiant it would appear.

And as for the toffees - it really looks like all is not well as Liverpool's second club. Moyes is right in excluding Lescott but the problem with these antics is the damage it does to world-class performers like Hibbert and Osman. Their minds stray from what they can do for the club and become focused on what they can achieve when Inter Milan or Barcelona come in for them. We had it last year with Dimitar "no-goal" Berbetov and Boomerang Keane and it nearly fucked us. Thankfully the only real casualty was Ramos and did we pull a stroke by offering the hidden loot to Arry. And it's all upwards now................