Monday, August 17, 2009

And we're off 2009/10

So the season is underway and that horrible period of nothingness called the close season is over. Normal life resumes and our days can now be spent in endless pursuit of information, fantasy, rumour and conjecture relating to the Premiership (and of course Division 1).
Horrible start for Everton and I think this could be a difficult season with real challenges repeating the strong performances of the last few years. What odds on Moyes to leave this year?

Chelsea did enough - surprisingly it was 2-1 and not 1-0. After yesterday, Liverpool appear a spent force, and with Berbatov dragging United down to his mediocrity, Gerry I think it will be your year. If the Arse come through Arsene Wanker will have to be awarded manager of the Century.

Leeds - six out of six - good start - eventually fulfilling their promise? The ghost of Brian Clough does however hover.

And the lane - false hopes again - but we'll enjoy them while we can. Superb performance outclassing the Redscum.

Good luck to all as this beautiful affair develops.