Thursday, February 24, 2011

Election 2011

Isn’t it a terribly sad indictment on our political system when a Google search on FF reveals the following as the first hit:

Fianna Fáil: General Election 2011
23 Feb 2011 ... Ireland's governing party founded by Eamon De Valera and by opponents of the 1921 Treaty with London. Currently led by Brian Cowen.

The defining description on their official website links them back to their opposition to the Treaty – ninety years ago. Who said Civil War politics was dead. Humourously it also lists Biffo as their leader.

Anyhow as I pen this, the email pings their next gem in to me:

Moving away from the Soldiers, another Election tidbit, of which we should be aware relates to the Greens in Wicklow, whose candidate Niall Byrne is the son of our old English teacher from 5th and 6th year (out of deference to the man, I will not print his nickname on this entry). The candidate has as one of his campaign promises the removal of all old rugby goalposts from windows in classrooms in the constituency and the erection of a moving statue in honor of the noted luminary from the seventies, Twirlin’ Jim Doyle.