Thursday, April 15, 2010

Broadway Danny Rose

Wasn't it great to see such such unbridled skill last night as Danny boy set us on the road to victory against the evil Arse. Sadly football at this level is such that, next year, in the exact same circumstances, Rose will play a simple knock-down to someone standing five yards away from him and Spurs will "retain possession".

Sad but inevitable, and therefore all the more enjoyable when it does happen. Watch it again and see that twat Almunia (how do Arsenal manage to continually have pricks playing for them in goal?) tee the ball up so perfectly for the kid. Go on my son, hit it.

So Spurs do Chelski a favour and Everton, not for the first time, do Spurs a favour. Maybe, just maybe, we'll forgive you that spirited comeback at Goodison in December.