Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The New Leg - a short story by Brusselsbliue

Collski and his “new” mates are playing indoor football on Thursday night when the door swings open and in strides this tall figure sporting a newly acquired Spurs retro shirt and gleaming white trainers. “So which one of you f**kers is going to pick me”.
They all stare dumfounded.
The last they saw of this  guy he needed a stroller to walk around Stillorgan Shopping Centre. Nobody moves until Hobbles coughs and claims he needs a rest and would be happy to sit on the bench. Yiddo goes up top calling for the ball.  It is played in to his feet. Collski tries in vain to go through the back of him (his “special” as the big bully calls it).   Yiddo swivels and  Bullock bursts in to  tears as the ball hits the back of the net. Without another word  Yiddo turns his back on his erstwhile friends and strides out the way he came in pausing at the door to glance back and saying  
“It’s that time of the year my friends . The king is born – again”