Thursday, March 24, 2011

Different Government, same shite

    So here we are, one month after the election which was going to change everything and we’re being dealt the same old shite again. Evidence of corrupt behaviour in Government leading us to remember (how could we have forgotten?) the good old Irish qualities we have come to know and hate over the last forty years - arrogant and abject denials of the truth made by individuals who believe they are more important than the system; a lack of transparency; an inability on the part of the State to act and most damningly a return to Civil War politics with the two protagonists merely having swopped sides in the Dail chambers. How snugly the boots seem to fit Michael Martin as sits atop his new moral high horse. Remember where all this came from, you Cork prick.

    The change which the country needs quite simply didn’t happen and we will now be left with the punitive IMF deal, a demoralised youth and a reputation so flawed globally that even the tourists don’t want to come because “it’s just not the same craic”. The opportunity to effect radical change was missed and so we lapse back into the old system of politics and governance. Yes, through the visibility of the press (the effective opposition) the corruption might gradually be cleaned up but you can rest assured that power will remain with an elite few, and their arrogance, egotism, and self-centred behaviour will ensure that, sooner or later, we piss any progress we make right back up against that wall.

    Troubled by the matter of Lowry, I consulted with my learned friends. They too, or rather their profession, had a lot to answer for, intent as they had been on creating a legal system which had failed the people and served only to maximise the time and distance between guilt and punishment. Their insight on the issue was remarkable.

    Firstly Brusselsblue, who did the smart thing in the eighties and didn’t come home – he now finishes his email with an “Erin go bragh”:
    “Met him (Obrien) at the Leinster v Racing Metro game in Paris. He bought me and the Irish ambassador a drink. I may regret accepting it (which I did with relish). Why is it the Arabs in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya know when enough is enough - but the Irish people will take this on the chin without question. In the north riding they will be cheering him (Lowry) on "the boyo". I would crucify him and put his body in a lime bath. If he is innocent he can come back as an apparition and give some employment to the area”

    Chelski, who stayed in Ireland to ride the gravy train (plush mansion in leafy suburb – proudly an ex Rock boy – see below) pointed succinctly to the core of the problem:
    “Shattering to think FG are just like FF. 6 (YES SIX) of the current cabinet were in government when O'Brien "won" the license. Cabinet responsibility my arse. The only good think is that it took a man, like me, schooled in Willow Park AND in Blackrock to find them out. Good one Mossie.”

    Mise le Meas (Venture Capitalist of the Year 2008) had another angle on O’Brien, and also got back to the core issue of football:
    “Resident in Malta me arse – saved CGT on the sale of his shares in Esat – pays some of Trappatoni’s salary – value of his Caribbean interests > €1 billion. Declan Ganley, Lochlann Quinn … all the under bidders are coming – should keep the Courts busy”

    All valid points and well made. But let’s face it - the truth is simple, and frightening. We’re not fit to rule ourselves and we’re best suited to shouting in the kitchen at parties, or, full of gargle, dozing off in the back row at midnight Mass. But don’t, please don’t ask us to behave properly, to act selflessly, or to show strong morals and dignity because that's for the fuckin' birds.

    Maybe when the Queen visits in May, we can ask her to stay and we can get back to the old days.