Monday, February 21, 2011

True Grit

A response from Chelski:

Dickie Murphy was so right all those years ago.

"A corner boy".

My once learned friend has deliberately chosen to misunderstand the question posed by my white collar city , investment , flute drinking mates at the Bridge.

The question was directed to those clad in Blue on the pitch. They, no more than me, do not recognize them as fit to wear the Blue so proudly worn in FA Cup battle by the likes of Harris, Dempsey, Webb, Osgood (RIP), Houseman(RIP), Hudson (Tory), Hollins, Mc Cready, Bonetti, Hutchinson. Oh for those days when a defeat could induce a tear as opposed to speculation about Carlo and who Roman might buy next.

Come back Ray, all is forgiven.