Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Save us from Nutters

So disappointing to see what promised to be a mature and compassionate memorial to those that died on Stairway 13 at Ibrox in 1971 destroyed by a small number of ignorant, mindless Celtic supporters last weekend.

Instead of putting their mindless bigotry and hatred behind them for the day (a low-level expectation) they proceeded to insult the Rangers crowd by dressing up in Papal garb in one instance, and in another by waving an Argentinian shirt as a direct affront to Simon Weston, the Falklands victim, who was a guest of honour of Rangers on the day.

For the Celtic crowd to honour the minutes silence impeccably and then tolerate this type of behaviour in their midst minutes later, stinks of sheer hypocrisy. So very sad that much of this behaviour in carried out by louts wearing Ireland shirts.

Eoin Ryan's challenges are a lot deeper than singing.