Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A bridge too far

Everton's lowly position in the Premiership is attributable to their overdependence on their midfield and the inability of their forwards to rattle in a reasonable number of goals.

Jermaine Beckford is a case in point - looked smart around the higher levels of the First Division with Leeds, but a step up by two divisions was too much for him to take. Six weeks in and one penalty against Huddersfield to show for his endeavours, large questionmarks must be beginning to surface.

While we can point the finger at Beckford and his ilk, the real issue is Moyes who has to take the blame for continually bringing in below par performers to play up front or for being unable to instill the flexibility needed to allow the team to play in a manner not involving a packed midfield.

Jermaine Beckford, Andrew Johnson, James Beattie, The Yak, Louis Saha, and the list goes on and on. Big money signings who flopped - we all make mistakes I know - but the same one time and time again - I don't know. Everton need to rid themselves of this delusion that Moyes is a great manager working with limited resources - let's face it he's a plodder who needs to be shafted to allow the club return to its' expected position.