Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a difference you made

I’m on a roll now about churchdoor’s favourite anti-heroes. Most recently Joe Cole and now Stephen “I’ve got two dead Grannies” Ireland.

Last Saturday’s papers were festooned with articles featuring this imbecile criticising Manchester City (normally a very sound thing to do I admit) and specifically accusing them of a lack of loyalty in not retaining his services. In the following day’s papers he gives the FAI and the Irish National Team the same treatment and defiantly declares that he will play for his country again.

Is it possible that his comments about Manchester City were something to do with the fact that he had prolonged negotiations with them over a £2 million contract severance payment and in the end had to accept a paltry £1.5 million. Is he a little bitter perhaps?

How can this man accuse anyone of a lack of loyalty when he himself has turned his back on his country – whom he represented at U15, U16 and U17, arguably his formative years – and treated his own family with an appalling lack of respect, inventing stories about their deaths to suit his own pathetic and self-centred needs.

Sadly he will probably go on to forge a decent career at Villa but you have to admit it was lovely to see him on the back-end of a 6-0 drubbing on his Villa debut at Newcastle on Sunday. Well done Stephen, not many footballers can achieve that – you must have been pulling your hair out at the end of the game.