Friday, May 7, 2010

Where are your Superman underpants now, you little shit?

Lovely to hear the talk of Stephen Ireland's demise at Manchester City and of Roberto Mancini's plans to offload him during the summer. We all have to hope that Mancini stays long enough to deliver on this intention.

I can only assume that Ireland will return to his grandmothers for counselling and tender loving care, now that they have both got over their recent life-threatening illnesses. God bless the old dears.

Let me guess - in the next couple of years Ireland will make himself available for the national team again because - he will realise that he needs them more than they actually need him. It's an awful pity that we have a habit of letting these people away with that kind of behaviour in our country, in many, many walks of life.

Stay away Stephen you bald, ignorant, condescending little prick.