Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rochdale AFC

Hearing that Darren Bent had taken three penalties against Spurs, scoring only one of them, led me to think of a couple of other matches involving multiple penalty awards. Firstly I remembered Pat Jennings saving two penalties at Anfield towards the end of the 70-odd years when we couldn't win there (1974 to be exact), but then I immediately thought of Bary Conlon's two goals for Chesterfield yesterday afternoon (again) against Division 2 league leaders Rochdale.

Nothing to spectacular nor controversial about either penalty, but it's just that they begin to undermine, only slightly, Rochdale's push for the title. They are being hotly pursued by Notts County, who are buoyed by (jailbird) Lee Hughes's goals as they put together a fine string of form.

When I despair at Tottenham's constant inability to deliver (substitute Mike Leeds or Brian Everton for I Tottenham), we should really think of the loyal Rochdale supporters as they enter the last couple of months of the season.

Rochdale AFC joined the Football league in 1921 and for all but five of their years in existence, they have resided in the lowest division of the league. They won promotion once, in 1968-9 and held their place in Division 3 (as it was then) for five years. Their most notable cup success was getting to the final of the second Football League Cup in 1961-2 where they lost to Norwich - since then in the same competition they have gone out in every year in either the first or second round. That's 48 years of early exits.

So, next time you get frustrated at your team (Mike take note) think of the poor people of Rochdale! Here's hoping they have a good run-in.