Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here we go again

The new season is upon us and Friday nights lead to the RSC in Waterford via the catflap or the McCarthy bypass as the Kilkenny GAA fraternity have christened it.

Last Friday saw the visit of Wexford Youths - the term Youths is interesting and implies they may play girls as well as boys sometime soon - not wanting to sound homophobic but it might explain their performance in their lovely pink gear as they failed miserably to offer any resistance to a Waterford team whose credentials remain unproven.

Still 3-0 will do us for the first night out and though we'll miss Cummins and Browne (with the Red Army Supporters and Sporting Franchise respectively) Kearney looks like he's going to set the division alight.

A season half as entertaining as last year and we'll be doing well.