Friday, February 12, 2010

Chelsea's disrespect for Cardiff

Wouldn't it be nice if Robin Friday was still around?

If that was the case Terry would be glad he's off tanning his fat (and often offside) arse in sunny Dubai.

Robin Friday is best described as a maverick genius. Plying his trade in the lower leagues his path led eventually to Cardiff City who he joined from Reading in 1976 for the knock-down price of £30,000. The Cardiff City manager commented that he felt he was taking advantage of Reading, but was simply told "you'll see". Robin gave a signal of what was to come by being arrested at Cardiff railway station on the day he arrived, having travelled from Reading with just a platform ticket. His irreverence, and his disdain for the conventions of everyday life, immediately made him a cult hero with the Cardiff fans who voted him their all time Cardiff City cult hero in a poll conducted by BBC Sport.

His playing career with Cardiff started spectacularly, scoring twice against a defence directed by Bobby Moore, but arguably reached its' pinnacle in a game against Luton Town where his after-goal celebration earned him a honorary place in football's list of "idols you wished you had seen play".

The cover of the Super Furry Animals single "The Man Don't Give a Fuck" featured the famous photograph - interestingly the dejected goalkeeper is Milija Alexsic, later to win a cup-winners medal with Spurs. Have a look at the garb of the supporters and think back to the 70's.

Not unexpectedly his career with Cardiff only lasted twenty-five games before he simply left football for good. Whilst playing against Mark Lawrenson for Cardiff against Brighton on the 31 October 1977, Friday became agitated by the future pundit, kicked Lawrenson in the face and received a red card. Having been sent off, he proceeded to defecate in Lawrenson's kit bag in the dressing rooms. Hard to see Dimitar Berbatov up to the last trick.... or maybe not....

Sadly, like many wayward geniuses of this nature, Friday died prematurely - he was found dead in his London flat on 22 December 1990 at the age of 38, having died of a suspected heart attack.

Oh Robin it would be nice to see the likes of you at the Bridge every now and then.