Monday, January 18, 2010

Every Man's Hero

We spent the seventies in secondary school, university and first jobs with little care for anything other than the forthcoming Saturday night. We hadn't a worry in the world and we were influenced by sport, music and popular culture in general. We found new icons and were able to express our individuality in the stars we chose. Some of us got it hopelessly wrong - Gerry's infatuation with Les McKeown of the Bay City Rollers bordering on the downright bizarre.

To the rest of us however there was one man who lorded it over the masses when it came to "cool" - a man who fought the system but the system won. As we remember McMurphy by watching this clip, look for the adoration in the Chief's eyes. Second only to Gerry watching the Rollers lead singer belting out Shang-a-Lang on Top of the Pops in June 1974. As Art Garfunkel crooned "I only have eyes for you".