Friday, January 8, 2010

Biffo fiddles while Ireland freezes

The country faces its' third potential catastrophe (financial meltdown; floods and now the big freeze) and true to their nature the Fianna Fail politicians go absent and leave the country stumbling along from one instance of human misery to the next. The only party member we definitively know as to his whereabouts, as the country's roads and public transport services grind to a halt, is the Minister for Transport, sunning himself in a golf resort in Malta. As they say, Noel you picked a good week as "the weather was shite back here".

It is time for the country to deal with this arrogance and incompetence and to get rid of this vile political party for once and for all. While the traditional Blueshirt opposition appear to offer little real alternative, it does nevertheless become a question of whether you get back into the car with the reckless driver who drove you off the side of the cliff because he had his cap over his eyes and therefore didn't see the bend coming. No right-minded individual who values honesty, integrity and diligence could ever vote for these people again.

It's time to make a radical change. Vote Labour - socialism cannot be this bad.