Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mark Cusick - an apology

I had a nice email from Mark enquiring if he could add comments to the blog and protesting his innocence at the near break-up in our life-long friendship which developed in November 2007.

Mark maintained that as quizmaster he did not realise the bunch of small-minded, self-obsessed juveniles he was dealing with and therefore did not approach the task with the appropriate level of authority. His approach of "let's come to an agreement" - which might work in the litigation ridden Yoonited States - clearly could not work for teams whose introduction to quizzes was via Bunny Carr on Quicksilver and who might have sat through weekends of endless ribbing in Donegal because your weakest link (usually the current MD of Capita) couldn't deliver on the year Gandhi was assassinated.

Mark - you were right - it was not your fault on that fateful night and our behaviour was disgraceful - but please remember - in a written quiz, you simply cannot accept Trinity's assertion of "yes, same here" when they have clearly written down a contrary answer. Until you understand this fundamental principle, the quiz books will remain way from your grubby little hands. See picture above.